Sensor engineering

Investigation and development of special customer sensor solutions

based on:

- acoustical

- eddy current

- optical (Laser, LED, CCD)

- electrochemical sensors

for applications in maritime research and biomedical instrumentation

as well as control equipment.


- 2D high resolution acoustic current meter

- optical flowmeter (spatial filter) for biomedical purposes

- thermal anemometer for low flow rate measurements

Temperature and humidity

- distributed sensor network (RS 485)

Metal detection

- eddy current systems

Gas sensing and particle sensors

- optical absorption gas measurements for NO2, SO2, CO2, CnHn


- Laser, LED


Photoplethysmography sensor systems

- Laser based, up to 5 wavelength (670 nm - 1370 nm)

Biomedical Instrumentation

- analysis of absorption changes in blood and tissue based on the

radiation of monochromatic light, emitted by laser diodes in the range

of 600 nm to 1400 nm

- non-invasively detection of transmitted light by photo-diodes

- calculation of the arterial oxygenic saturation and the change of the

relative haemoglobin concentration






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